shows diverse stories surrounding our bodies from people from all over the world. Each story is a powerful statement of pain, love, compassion, deception, creation, growth, acceptance, balance, transitions and so much more. 

Each story is unique and powerful and will broaden your own perspective. It will connect you deeper to yourself and therefore also to others. Giving us all the possibility to connect to each other. 

Each and every story that is told in this project is accompanied by a portrait by Vollgas Studio, aka Andrea Forgacs. She is giving the story another perspective through her work. Visualizing the story so you can connect to it even deeper. 



Hi, I'm Andrea Forgacs from Vollgas Studio. was created as a place to share our stories with our bodies.


I'm a queer fat feminist artist and storyteller who believes deeply in the power of art and stories and the possibility for them to change the world. 


I believe that by telling our stories, by being vulnerable and honest you can embrace our own body, we can write down the pain and the fear and happiness and pride. You can make it visible by using your voice. By telling your story you can have a powerful impact on yourself and mostly on the people, you share it with. There is always somebody out there who needs to hear exactly what you have to say, to embrace their own body, to empower their own story. 

This way we embrace and empower each other by telling stories and listening closely.


Each of the Stories you see on this website will be accompanied by one of my Portraits. These portraits visualize and reflect your story and will give you the opportunity to stay anonymous while still showing yourself. It is a way of using art to tell your story and accompanying your written word. 

And If you want to know more about me you can visit