empowers the stories of each and every person. Everyone is welcome as long as you are ready to embrace your body and to empower your story! 

You choose how much you want to  share. You are the person in control. It is your story! Every body is heard, and after you submit your story I create a portrait of you that will go along with your story. (Waiting time up to 3 months)




  • No hatred is allowed here! No bullying, no "good advice", no "you should do this or do that", no judgment! This is a personal place to share and discuss. That's why you must be registered as a member to comment on and interact with these stories.

  • We are open to every body and its stories. Everyone is welcome. Don't be shy either. If you are nor represented yet, I welcome you even more to share your story so your BodyStory gets heard and seen! You can share your story with me right here

  • This is a non profit project and doesn't cost you money, just time. Sit down and go really deep into your story, to really share that body story of yours. If you just want a portrait without sharing your story, or just want to share your story with me and not the world, you can go here.


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